Gail Jarres

Meet Your Host

Rocky Point is a special place for me.  My story begins in 1968 when I was a young child growing up in Arizona.  My family vacationed in Rocky Point and Kino Bay every year without fail.  This began a love affair with this beautiful place I have come to know so well.   By the time I was sixteen, I was driving down with my girlfriends and staying either in Cholla Bay or in the trailers in Las Conchas.  Yes, there were only trailers on the beach then.  The beach homes came later.  To this day, Rocky Point is my vacation and get-a-way destination of choice.

In 1988 I built my “J Beach House.”   My kids practically grew up there and thought everyone had one.  Through it all, we have always felt safe there.  It is our Haven.

In 2008, I did a complete remodel of the beach house.  All of it is up to the U.S. Building code standards. 

From the beginning, I wanted to share it as a vacation rental destination for people who love Rocky Point and Las Conchas as much as I do.

When guests walk into my home, I want them to feel the warmth and homeyness of it. 

I sincerely hope you will enjoy your stay at  J Beach House as much as I have enjoyed it over the years.

Hope to see you soon!.